• We help our clients engage their customers and employees through emotion and deep connection.

  • ˈvis(ə)rəl; relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

– Simon Sinek

Visceral Consulting

Some of the ways we help our clients:

  • Aligning Meaning, Purpose, & Culture

    Culture is a reflection of your organizations values. Mission and Vision are guiding principles that are rarely reflected in organizations that don’t communicate what they believe. An organization can talk about caring about their customers or staff but policies, procedures, and general SOP tell people what you really think.

  • Create a Culture of Engagement

    Engagement is a feeling you have in your gut when you care about the people you serve, you believe in the products and services you sell, and you can see your part in the vision of your organization. Engagement is felt in the culture. It is in the connection made when you meet with people who care.


    If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business. We collaborate with our clients to develop people centered OD strategies that improve culture, enable change, and inspire staff and customers to be a part of your companies vision.

  • Forget Best Practice: Inspire Innovation and Change

    Our coaching and consulting services are inspired by the works of Martin Seligman (Positive Psychology), John Kotter (Leading Change), Bernard M. Bass and Bruce J Avolio (Transformational Leadership), Christina Maslach (Burnout),  Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Tom Peters, Gary Vaynerchuck, and many thought leaders in business, neuroscience, technology, psychology, medicine, and more. Our methodology represents a synthesis of multiple schools of thought, cutting edge research, and a customized holistic approach that is client centered. Forget best practice and design a process for that works for you.

Your Success Depends on How You Make People Feel.

Understanding how your audience FEELS is what matters most. 

The rate of change in business is moving at an unprecedented pace. Businesses fail quicker today than ever before. To make it in today’s marketplace, a sustainable business will change its products and services over time. Sometimes your services and products will reflect the norm in the marketplace. If your business is going to survive you must make FEELING your competitive advantage. It is not enough to talk about relationships without talking about the feeling that connects us to those we serve. How you make your employees, clients, and customers feel will make or break your business.

Here’s How We Can Help

Consulting Services

Consulting focuses on building a culture of leadership through the implementation of structure that supports change, organizational development initiatives, and enhances performance. The goal of a Culture of Leadership is to support individuals to take initiative to build high performing culture that supports the goals of the organization.  Our goal is to create a culture that grows all it’s people to step into leadership roles.

  • Visceral Engagement
  • Strategic Diversity & Inclusion
  • Managing Traumatic/Transformational Change

Leadership Training

We offer customized training on a variety of topics.  All training is facilitated to elicit participation from group members to make learning more practical and less theoretical. Group training is designed to ensure participants apply real-time solutions to issues facing the industry, organization, or department. Large group training seminars can be developed and co-facilitated with organizational leadership.

  • Visceral Change Management
  • Visceral Leadership
  • Visceral Communications

Executive Coaching

Visceral Executive and Leadership Coaching are developed for experienced leadership and management including all levels of leadership from individual contributors all the way up to C-level executives.  Coaching works in conjunction with consulting to support an overall strategy of transforming the organizations’ culture.  The Visceral Coaching framework overall goal is to align the leadership with the goals of the organization.

  • Leading Difficult Change
  • Managing Personal Burnout & Leadership Stress
  • Applied Transformational Leadership

How do your customers and employees feel about you?